Make the shift: Former account manager to agent of life

| 08 Sep 2021

Financial planning is not just about the dollars and cents. At Great Eastern, we have a team of professional, knowledgeable advisers who serve our clients with a heart.

In this series, we hear from our agents of life who have joined us from different industries, share insights on how their skills have helped them learn new tricks and how they are contributing to their client’s lives in a valuable way.

Here is the story of Joseline Ang who has made the shift from an Account Manager.

  1. What motivated you to make the shift?

“I was constantly on-the-go in my previous job. This left me with very little time for my family. I decided to make the shift after attending a career seminar on becoming a financial representative.  I was attracted as there is career longevity where there is no retirement age, as well as the work time flexibility which I was looking for. This job would also reward me based on the effort that I put in. I have not looked back since.”


  1. How has your past vocation helped you in your current career with Great Eastern?

“As a former Account Manager, I had to manage various overseas clients’ accounts. Having good communication skills and understanding my clients’ needs were important. In my current role, I can empathise whenever my clients shared their financial stresses. Being able to relate to them and understand their financial gaps certainly helps me to recommend suitable solutions.”


  1. Why be an agent of life at Great Eastern?

“I appreciate that Great Eastern offers a wide range of insurance solutions to help clients fulfil their financial goals. Great Eastern also has a very strong agency support network where our leaders are our mentors to guide us through any work challenges and are there to encourage us as well.

What makes me even more certain that I have made the right decision to join Great Eastern is that I have learnt so much from the training programmes. Besides those which are related to my work, there are also courses on character building and having a positive mindset which are life skills that I find especially important in my career and as an individual.”

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