#MunchwithJenandBen - episode 4 - Rolling with the punches

| 14 Apr 2020

Produced by Jensen Siaw International.

COVID-19 circuit breaker measures came into effect in Singapore on 7 April. It was a Tuesday, the day we host our weekly "Munch with Jen and Ben" talk show. With the short notice given with the announcement of the stricter measures, we rolled with the punches to change the format of the show to ensure safety and compliance with the measures.

The #MunchwithJenandBen show, a collaboration between Asia Advisers Network, Jensen Siaw International and Munch Munch, was conceived to bring positivity and inspiration to our community when coronavirus first reared its ugly head, and we had been emphasising the need to keep our chins up and continue to adapt to keep moving forward.

So co-hosts International Motivational Speaker Jensen Siaw, Asia Advisers Network Editor Benjamin Ang and Munch Munch boss Ken Kish decided to walk the talk and went ahead with the show in its new format.

When it was easier to just "take a break", we did frantic testing over the weekend and even in the morning before the show started.

Sure, there are areas which we needed to improve, but because we adapted and rolled with it, guess what, we got our highest views yet on the very first day of the show. (It usually takes a few days to gain traction.)

So, whatever comes your way, adapt and roll with it. You may be surprised by the results, too, by trying something totally new because you were forced by circumstances!

Catch our next episode at 9pm (Sg time) on 14 Apr (Tue). New time, new format, same great value!

Episode 5 will be co-hosted by Jensen Siaw and Benjamin Ang, together with Ken Kish

We will be discussing something that's on some financial practitioners' minds due to the COVID-19 pandemic - Is this year "lost"?

We've lined up top MDRT producers that you have to listen to on how you can still achieve your goal this year.

See you on Tuesday for another session of fun and key business and life takeaways.

Munch with Jen and Ben is produced by Jensen Siaw International in collaboration with Asia Advisers Network and Munch Munch.

For those who would like to make a special guest appearance on the talk show, reach out to Connect@AsiaAdvisersNetwork.com or Gladys@AsiaInsuranceReview.com to find out how!


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