#MunchwithJenandBen- Ep 8- Master Virtual Selling

| 08 May 2020

Produced by Jensen Siaw International.

On the talk show for the third time, celebrity master personal branding consultant, Joshua Luke, joined in with co-hosts Jensen Siaw, International Motivational Speaker, Benjamin Ang, Editor and Ken Kish, Owner of Munch Munch.

Taking the excitement a notch higher, two lucky audience were selected during the live talk show and given a customised advice by Joshua Luke on how to enhance their image. Apart from teaching the audience how to identify their face shape, Joshua also gave tips on what clothes and hairstyle best suit each face shape. If you want to learn more, you should watch the whole talk show. Otherwise, you may skip to these timestamps:

5m 50s, 22m 30s, 47m 50s


How to master virtual selling?

Featuring two advisers Wilson Tan who was recognised by his company for his quick actions online when circuit breaker measures were announced in Singapore, and Edwina Woo, IFPAS, Working committee member, Education and training. Edwina was invited to share her best practises to over 700 advisers, and we’re honoured that she’s able to extend her knowledge again with #MunchwithJenandBen audience, too. 

Timestamp: 12m

Willson Tan: An MDRT Mentor at the MDRT Bootcamp, he was quick to adapt and adopt virtual consulting and selling when CoVid-19 got worst in Singapore. Explaining that the new normal now is non face to face selling (NFTF), Wilson offered his insights on how he started thinking out of the box instead of fearing the new norm.

  1. Create a very positive virtual experience for clients

Wilson prepared all his resources and tools for each meeting online. That includes his PowerPoint slides, Excel spreadsheet, GoalsMapper*, Apple pencil, company resources, EDMs.

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  1. Practise makes perfect

Adopting the Apple pencil instead of pen and paper, Wilson practises writing on his iPad with his Apple pencil to ensure his writing is legible for his clients to read. On top of that, he also role plays with his closest friends and clients, and gather feedback from them.

  1. Pace and flow of presentation

Wilson pays a lot of attention to this as he ensures his clients will not get lost and lose attention when he presents.


Timestamp: 37m 40s

Edwina Woo: A practitioner herself and a working committee member with IFPAS, she recently shared her online practices with 700 over agents and advisers.

Edwina mentioned that her clients are tech savvy in the sense where they know how to transact online, perform ibanking, and able to adapt to new softwares like Zoom.

  1. Update and segment client list

Edwina categorises clients into three age groups: 25-35, 36-45, 46-55

She also updates their profile by adding notes/tags/labels such as ‘family with young children’, ‘family with elderly parents’ or ‘ Essential worker’.


  1. Send a personalised email

She advises agents and advisers to show concern by checking in with how their clients are coping with the pandemic situation.

She also provides three options for her clients to choose in the email:

  1. Does client want an update of their policies?
  2. Do they want information on the schemes and coverage related to CoVid-19?
  3. Do they prefer having a policy review over Zoom or a call?


Edwina also ensures she provides her clients with relevant resources according to their tags/labels. She would send activities and resources on entertaining children to families with young children, and she would send fitness apps, promos, online grocery, food delivery and recipes to other clients according to their likes and lifestyles.


  1. Results and observations from the three age group?

Age25-35: Replies the fastest, has the highest rate of reply but low rate of appointments. Their registered emails are up-to-date

Age 36-45: Majority of replies asked for reviews. They have the most number of rejected email addresses.

Age 46-55: This group replies the slowest, majority of them asked for reviews. They have the most number of rejected email addresses.


  1. Follow up with a call

Narrow down your call list to those who requested a policy review. Do not forget to call those clients whose email addresses failed and update them on some contents.


  1. Tweaking presentation to suit CoVid-19

Relating to the current situation, Edwina brings in her new concept: Financial Resilience

It is the ability to withstand life events that impact one’s income and/or assets. Edwina usually informs her clients that insurance is a binding contract that helps them out in unforeseen circumstances (i.e. CoVid-19, death and illnesses).

“Insurance is the only one that can guarantee their retirement income by contract. It’s also a product that will give them a guaranteed pot of gold in the event of death, disability and critical illness. So insurance brings value to them and keeps them financially resilient regardless of what the future may bring” she said.


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