Lifetime Achievement - Dr Mary Chen Ming Li

| 25 Oct 2019

Lifetime Achievement - Dr Mary Chen Ming Li (Video editor: Azri Bahari)

An international icon of the insurance industry with a remarkable track record of awards and trailblazing over close to 40 years of an illustrious career, Dr Mary Chen Ming Li, AIA Singapore; is the winner of the Lifetime Achievement award 2019!

Mary was a famous actress and celebrity prior to joining the insurance industry in 1982. Since then, she has continued to be a star under the glitzy lights in the insurance world.

She was the first in Southeast Asia to qualify for Top of the Table(TOT) in 1989. She is also one of the longest-serving MDRT Life members who has consistently qualified for 33 years - 31 of which as a life and qualifying TOT member.

At numerous events and seminars, she has selflessly shared how she excels in this business and has motivated many across Asia and globally. In 2002, she was the first Chinese speaker ever on the main platform at the year’s global MDRT meeting in Nashville, Tennessee. In 2018, she was a main platform speaker at the inaugural MDRT Day in Singapore.

Moving into the management role did not stop Mary from attaining exponential growth as she continued to achieve TOT year after year. Even as a director, she remains committed to reaching out to more people to help them be adequately protected.

Mary has also set extraordinary standards of excellence in her company. She was the top financial services consultant (FSC) for 18 years in AIA Singapore, the AIA Group Top FSC for 12 years, the president of conventions for 19 terms and the top manager seven times.

The year 2018 marked another incredible milestone in her career as she was promoted to become financial services director (FSD). Demonstrating her outstanding leadership quality in her first year as an FSD - she groomed an FSC who achieved TOT, became the top financial services consultant and President of the Convention.

Beyond her career achievements, Mary believes in giving back to society. Among her charitable initiatives are Love for Bhutan, a charity auction to raise funds to sponsor medical equipment and facilities; the Motion Heart Project, started together with her agency leader Rayner Lee, which has built four schools in rural China; and the Motion Academy of Gym Sports for orphans in Cambodia to train them as gymnasts and trainers to help them to break out of the cycle of poverty.


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