Insurtech of the Year 2020-

| 27 Aug 2020

For providing a platform that enhances financial advisers' ability to better serve clients through comprehensive fact finding and facilitation of assets distribution according to clients' wishes via a digitalised portable will-writing system.

A leading platform for financial advisers, empowers advisers to assist their clients in drafting wills and connecting them with a range of services, and even to show how their life can be affected by events and plans on an interactive chart.

The entire will drafting process right from the filling in of the fact-find form to putting the clauses together is digitised into one combined step. A highly optimised workflow and portable system, the platform is the “Will drafter” that advisers carry around with them anywhere they go.

Founded in 2017, its accomplishments in 2019 include:

  • Launch of an adviser centric account for financial advisers to draft wills instantly. It also became the only will writing company in Singapore to not just train financial advisers on wills and trusts knowledge but give them the ability to instantly draft one. This proves valuable as advisers are able to better understand their clients’ situations to plan comprehensively.
  • Launch of gA-Vault - a physical will storage solution with an online interface for ease of viewing the deposited will and also for appointing authorised recipients.
  • Addition of the instant drafting of testamentary trust at no extra charges. It’s also used to stagger death payouts from insurance.
  • Launch of gA-Crystal - An interactive graphical interface for advisers to show how simulated scenarios and purchased policies can affect cash flow and financial well-being.
  • Partnering with a medical group so advisers can simply click on a map of over 40 Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) clinics in Singapore to do up Lasting Power of Attorney for their clients.
  • Partnering a trust and fiduciary solutions group to extend professional services to financial advisers to serve clients who need solutions including trust, company incorporation, and family offices.

Being able to assist in drafting a will instantly, allows advisers to have truthful and meaningful conversations with their clients, expand referrals and provide quick visual tools to graphically show how events and plans can affect the financial wellbeing of clients, to achieve client-adviser win-win.


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