#MunchwithJenandBen- Ep 11- Ask us anything, finale episode

| 29 May 2020

The finale of the season #MunchwithJenandBen summed up nicely with an "Ask us anything" segment. Together with co-hosts Jensen Siaw, International Motivational Speaker, Benjamin Ang, Editor and Ken Kish, Owner of Munch Munch, regular featured guest, Coach Joshua Luke joined in the trio for a casual and fun night.

Nothing heavy and dense, the final episode of #MunchwithJenandBen is a walk down memory lane. Even as we celebrate how far the talk show has made it to, the hosts did not forget to slide in multiple sharing, tips and a recap of all our featured guests starting from episode 1. *For the full list of episodes, scroll to the end of this article for each episode link.

Mentioned during the talk show, #MunchwithJenandBen would transform into #MenintheCity for next season. So keep a lookout at our spaces for more details would be revealed in the coming days.

Watch the finale episode here.

Sharing and take away

Timestamp: 27m

Benjamin: “What was a memorial moment for me didn’t happen on the show. It happened outside the show. What touched me the most was that sometimes my elder son can repeat some of these positive things that we’ve said. Things about positive mindset, and doing our best in life. So as parents, we never know when we will influence and impact our children, our nieces, and nephews. So if we do things the right way and correctly, the children would be learning as they watch us. So hopefully, the good mentality and attitude would rub off more on them.”

Timestamp: 36m

Q: Can Jensen share how he speaks so well? He sounds like a DJ on the radio

Jensen: “There are a few components to language. You would have diction, the rhythm of delivery, the tonality of your voice. When I was younger, I started out as a professional emcee, during that time I’ve met many people who have given me many tips and advice on using the power of voice.

Jensen says that being on stage those days gave him a good edge when it comes to speaking spontaneously, and engaging the crowd. It was a good practice ground for him, and now he’s able to master the rhythm of delivery using the mic.

Having gone through voice training himself, he said that he used to speak in a higher pitch before being taught through such training and coaching. There are many ways to improve the quality of your voice, some through coaching, voice lessons, and getting up on stage.

However, the fastest way is, “Listen to your favourite radio DJ, or to news broadcasters like CNN, CNA, Bloomberg, etc. Pick a DJ/speaker and model the way he/she speaks. Mimicking the way he/she speaks will help you grasp the tonality, intonation, diction, rhythm – all the necessary elements in speaking well.”


For some singing and jokes, we encourage you to watch the talk show. Albeit casual and fun, tips and life lessons are artfully inserted every now and then by the co-hosts.

Munch with Jen and Ben is produced by Jensen Siaw (Jensen Siaw International), in collaboration with Benjamin Ang (Asia Advisers Network) and Ken Kish (Munch Munch)

Stay tuned to this space as we will be revealing more details on #MenintheCity in the coming days. Meanwhile, stay safe, safe sane and stay home! See you soon.


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