Insurance Agency Leader of the Year 2020 - Benny Chow

| 10 Sep 2020

Insurance Agency Leader of the Year - Benny Chow, AIA International Limited, Hong Kong

For his rapid rise in the industry leading a highly productive team with an average age of 30, and outstanding performance in 2019 including personal production of Top of the Table, grooming over 60 Million Dollar Round Table producers and achieving 37 managerial promotions in his team.

Born with a creative soul, Benny followed his passion to do an undergraduate degree in interior design overseas. But after graduation, he chose to join the insurance industry.

From the first day he entered the Academy in 2013, he set a clear goal to become a district director in five years and he did. He achieved Court of the Table in six months in 2014 and again in 2019, he also qualified for Top of the Table for five consecutive years and won several industrial honours.

With the motto of “Cultivating a career in insurance with passion; leading the district’s elites with a humble heart”, he leads a vibrant team of high-performing members deployed in eight departments, with an average age of 30.

In January 2019, he set another goal to win the Super Grand District of the Year. Faced with many challenges during the year, he and his team managed to overcome the difficulties with perseverance, and achieved outstanding results against the odds.

After obtaining PAL Diamond membership, his team size rose from 188 in 2018 to 286 with an average age of 30. Over 200 of them are Bachelors, Masters, or PHD holders.

In addition, 60 of his team members qualified for MDRT, including six COTs and three TOTs. There were also 36 promotions to mangers and one to District Director.

Benny’s role model is his mother who is an outstanding agency leader herself. She has impressed upon him her unyielding commitment to the profession. With his mother leading by example, he is constantly motivated to work hard and strive for the best. He hopes to outshine his mother, to set high standards for himself and his team, and to never settle for second best.

Benny spends a lot of time understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each team member to help them realise their fullest potential. His goal is to help his team members become District Directors in three years.

He has also provided support to the less privileged.

He believes that the ultimate mission of the insurance profession is to protect the community and serve those in need.

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