Lifetime Achievement Award 2020 - Lachman B. Balani

| 04 Sep 2020

Lifetime Achievement Award 2020 - Lachman B. Balani, Sun Life Hong Kong Limited

For a decorated career that has helped over 1,500 clients, groomed generations of professionals, and active contributions to the community over a span of more than 42 years in the industry, and still passionate about serving his clients as an octogenarian.

Lachman has been providing professional financial services to more than 1,500 clients in Hong Kong for over 42 years since joining the company in 1978. In the early years between 1978 and 1981, he was one of most productive agents at his company, contributing to 60% of the company’s new sales. He has received countless awards and recognitions over the years of service through changing times.

Today, at the age of 81, he is still very passionate and enjoys every moment being with his clients. His commitment stems from his enduring belief in the value of insurance: savings and protection that are critical to helping individuals grow, families flourish, businesses thrive, and drive positive changes in the community. To him, trust is the bedrock of lifelong client relationships, and is earned only through professionalism, resilience, and care.

Adhering to the highest of standards for clients’ financial wellbeing, he strongly believes that professionalism is an essential quality to bring value to clients. Since the first day of joining the industry, lunch is always reserved for meeting clients. But he will not talk business while having lunch with his clients as he deems that there is insufficient time for a proper and meaningful conversation on financial wellbeing. He prefers designated business meetings, which allow enough time for in-depth and thorough discussions.

While his career started off rough, he adapted quickly and built his area of expertise in general insurance, while looking for every opportunity to master the skills and technique for a conversation on life insurance. He is always open to sharing on his failures with young agents, as it is vital that these challenges are not forgotten.

Having seen poverty at a tender age, he has been helping the unprivileged and giving donations over the years to various organisations. He will also personally go and handover morning breakfast to the old age homes, street sleepers, orphanage children homes, and the needy and unemployed.

Optimism is a happiness magnet. With that belief, he has made many good friends and valuable clients and is proud to say that today his clients are his best friends and the pillars of his success in the industry.


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