Executive Champion of the Year 2021 - Wen Wei Fan

| 03 Sep 2021

For conceptualising and implementing strategies including establishing a systematic agent training platform to transform the company's sales force; for helping the company innovate through introduction of new policies and cooperation with a local university; and for spearheading sustainable philanthropy and public services.

Wen Wei Fan joined Nan Shan Life Insurance (Nan Shan) in 1994 as an entry-level employee and over the years has advanced and progressed through the ranks. In 2017, he was promoted to head of agency channel and is currently one of Nan Shan’s senior vice presidents.

Under Wei Fan’s leadership, Nan Shan’s total asset surged 28% from $134bn in 2017 to $172bn in 2020. The company is currently one of the largest insurance companies in Taiwan with 11m active policies, 6.29m active insurance holders with quality protection, 25 branch offices and 317 agency offices throughout the country.

In 2020, despite the challenging year, he managed to conceptualise a number of strategies — for implementing sales transformation, insurance innovation, and practicing sustainable philanthropy and public services — and led the company’s business teams to achieving those goals.

Firstly, Wei Fan established a systematic agent training platform to promote the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) and co-develop an eMBA program with National Taiwan University for Nan Shan’s senior management. The platform has trained 1,423 people to serve as supervisors and increased the company’s sales force by nearly 6,000 — a 19.6% increase.

He also helped the company continue to innovate in its transition from simply paying claims to prevention. This was achieved via the introduction of a series of ‘spillover’ policies, as well as health management services which involved cooperation with Taipei Medical University.

And to achieve the targets of practicing sustainable philanthropy and public services, he worked with 204 hospitals in Taiwan to promote the Nan Shan Charity Fund—Medical Care Plan, which has since donated over $14m and benefitted 37,000 people.

During the year, he also helped the company implement inclusive financial services, working with local cities and counties to promote and provide micro-life insurance to low income Taiwanese.

On top of all that, he actively led agents to form the Nan Shan National Relief Volunteer Team to assist the government to explain the relief plan during the pandemic. More than 16,000 Nan Shan agents have participated in the volunteer team training, while 7,512 have completed it.

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