Young Executive of the Year 2021 - Yun Ching Shih, Batsy

| 27 Aug 2021

For creating systems that educate the company's agents and spreads the experience of standout agents; for coming up with marketing tools that help agents raise customer awareness of insurance, and for coming up with a methodology that allows agents to communicate insurance concepts more completely.

Batsy is the manager of Cathay Life Insurance’s (Cathay) Marketing Planning section, leading a team of 21 members. She also plays a linking role in the company’s mid-term strategic development leading a team across four departments.

She has been described as an innovator dedicated to creating new business models and is constantly resolving difficulties encountered by agents. To solve agents’ difficulties in expanding their customer base, she established a systematic worksite model that successfully attracted 24,000 customers from different industries.

Batsy is dedicated to improving four key competencies of Cathay’s 27,000 agents: Cultivation competency, professionalism, marketing competency and agility. Based on her team members’ specialties, she built a systematic ‘4E’ model which comprises lecturer cultivation (education), experience duplication (experience), participation and exchange (engagement) and efficient tool application (efficiency).

For education, a product consultant selection and evaluation system was established, where outstanding agents with marketing experience are selected to be trained as lecturers, and will eventually have the responsibility of teaching local agents.

To spread experience, Batsy and her team conduct seminars where external experts are invited to improve product knowledge, and internal experts share their marketing practices. To increase agility, she engaged outstanding agents as product consultants to conduct in-depth discussions on product design and set up a communication group to share product information and gather feedback on a regular basis.

She also realised that agents need to be able to share case examples when they communicate insurance concepts to customers. In light of that, she led her team to select common claims settlement cases, together with interactive questions and diagram analysis, and generated 30 online marketing books targeting different types of insurances and customer groups, which quickly raised customers’ insurance awareness.

To allow agents to communicate insurance concepts more completely, Batsy worked with agents to develop the 321+1 protection requirements methodology, and implemented it in Cathay’s exclusive scientific management tool, the Cathay Box app, which allows agents to systematically establish the concept of overall protection breadth and depth for customers. Results have shown that the follow-up closing rate with customers contacted using this strategy is 1.7 times higher than using the normal marketing model.

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